The State Bar of California 87th Annual Meeting, September 11-14, 2014, Grand Hyatt San Diego
Annual Meeting PreviewPartners - Sponsoring Groups
State Bar of California Annual Meeting

The State Bar of California 87th Annual Meeting
September 11-14, 2014
San Diego, California

Our Annual Meeting Partners have collaborated to bring you 143 education programs.  Links in the program numbers go to the full descriptions, which are provided on the pages with complete schedules of individual days.

Sponsoring Groups

Programs Listed by Sponsoring Group

Access to Justice Commission - AJC

Program 55

Developments in Access to Justice: New California Language Access Plan

Antitrust & Unfair Competition Section - AN

Program 89

Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law from A to Z

Program 99

Encountering Cultural Complexities in Cross-Border Investigations and Litigation

Business Law Section - BLS

Program 1

Chapter 11 in a Nutshell

Program 12

Legal Advice for Newly Formed Companies

Program 22

It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over: Closing Bankruptcy Cases

Program 23

Beyond a Form: Operating Agreements After the California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Act (RULLCA)

Program 44

The Legal Complexities in Dealing with Unauthorized Dealerships

Program 45

Cyberspace Law: Recent Developments in Intellectual Property, eCommerce and Privacy

Program 56

Recent Developments in Securities Law

Program 67

Bankruptcy Jurisdiction: Impact of the United States Supreme Court’s Latest Decisions

Program 90

Dark Clouds over the Golden Years: Seniors and Bankruptcy

Program 96

Regulatory Takings: The Effects of Recent Supreme Court Decisions

Program 100

Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Year in Review

Program 106

Insurance Law for Litigators

Program 110

Consumer Bankruptcy Primer: Competency Pointers and Pitfalls to Avoid

Program 128

The Intersection (Collision) of Bankruptcy and the Uniform Commercial Code

Program 136

New Developments in the Enforcement of Consumer Arbitration Clauses

California Young Lawyers Association - CYLA

Program 3

Brady and Statutory Discovery Obligations for California Prosecutors

Program 26

Ethical Considerations of a Multi-Jurisdictional Practice in Family Law

Program 72

Introduction to California Employment Discrimination Practice: Working with the DFEH

Program 79

Social Media Evidence: How to Obtain, Use and Present Evidence Ethically

Program 121

Strategies for Managing and Defending FLSA Collective Actions and State Law Wage and Hour Class Actions

Program 131

The Blurred Lines Between Social Media and Attorney Advertising: Tweeting, Friending and Connecting Ethically

Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution - CADR

Program 13

Dealing with Changing Mindsets in Negotiation and ADR

Program 46

When Bias Turns to Bullying: High Conflict People in the Legal and Mediation Arena

Program 69

Mom Always Liked You Best: Mediating Trust and Estate Issues

Program 102

Effective Advocacy in Arbitration

Program 111

Dealing with Difficult Personalities at Mediation

Committee on Appellate Courts - CAC

Program 24

Ethical Issues in Appellate Practice

Program 32

Everything But the Brief on the Merits: A Behind the Scenes Look at Appellate Practice

Program 57

Forfeiture: A Four-Letter Word in the Court of Appeal

Program 68

Probate Law Appeals: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Program 101

From Bench to Bar: Former Appellate Justices Discuss Appellate Practice

Committee on Federal Courts - CFC

Program 103

The Ethics of Practice in California Federal Courts: What’s Unique and Why it Matters

Committee on Group Insurance Program - COGIP

Program 2

Basics of Risk Management Through Insurance: From Automobile to Workers’ Compensation

Program 25

The Affordable Care Act: The Employer Mandate

Committee on Mandatory Fee Arbitration - CMFA

Program 33

Navigating Minefields in Fee Disputes: It’s Not Just About Fees!

Program 91

Avoid the Void: Considerations in Billing Your Law Firm’s Clients

Program 104

Top Ten Things that Place Lawyers in Hot Water

Program 112

Money in the Bank: Fee Agreements That Work

Committee on Professional Liability Insurance - COPLI

Program 59

2013 and 2014 Developments Affecting the Practice of Law

Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct - COPRAC

Program 34

Starting Off on the Right Foot: Addressing Ethics Issues at the Outset

Program 37

Ethics and the Globalization of California Legal Practice

Program 47

Ethics Update 2014: Significant Developments in the Law of Lawyering

Program 60

The Ethics of Getting Your Legal Fees Paid

Program 70

Blogging, Tweeting and the New Frontier of Attorney Advertising: How to Stay Within the Ethical Bounds

Continuing Education of the Bar - (CEB)

Program 94

The Legal Issues Concerning Neighbor Disputes: Access and Trees

Council on Access & Fairness - COAF

Program 58

Diversifying Legal Talent in a Down Economy

Program 113

50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act: Where Are We Now?

Program 129

What Should We Do About Implicit Bias in the Courtroom?

Program 137

Neuroscience and Psychology of Bias in the Courtroom and Legal Practices

Criminal Law Section - CRIM

Program 14

Preparing and Presenting Psychological Testimony at Trial

Program 48

Deuce-A-Rama Part 1: DUI Representations and Practices

Program 61

Deuce-A-Rama Part 2: Steering Clear in Driving Under the Influence Representations and Practices

Program 71

Introduction of Evidence in Court: Exhibits, Foundations and Other Evidentiary Issues

Program 120

Criminal Law 101: Maneuvering Around the Court With Your First Case

Program 130

Defending Your Client’s Rights While Protecting Your Own: Ethical Rules for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Program 138

Domestic Violence Cases: An Update When A House Is Not A Home

Environmental Law Section - EL

Program 35

CEQA Guidelines for the 21st Century: Updates Headed Your Way

Program 49

California Legal Issues Over Hydraulic Fracturing of Oil and Gas Wells

Program 80

Air Quality Regulatory Changes: What’s in the Air for Business and Consumers

Program 114

What You Need to Know About Industrial Storm Water Permits

Family Law Section - FL

Program 4

Beyond Basics: Enforcing Support, Equalization and Attorney Fees

Program 15

My Smoke, Your Mirrors: Accounting Games People Play in Family Law Matters

Program 36

All About Spousal Support: A Practical Learning Experience on Establishing, Modifying and Terminating Support

Program 105

Family Law: Creating an Interesting and Effective Financial Information Presentation

Program 115

Recent Developments in Family Law

Program 139

“Doctor Can You Help Me?: Using Mental Health Professionals Before, During, and After Custody Disputes”

Intellectual Property Section - IP

Program 28

Intellectual Property and the First Amendment

Program 74

Current Developments in Trade Secret Law

Program 81

Characters: Intellectual Property and Other Protection Issues

Program 92

What You Always Wanted to Know about Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets

Program 122

Shattering Trademark Myths for Non-Intellectual Property Lawyers

Program 132

What to do When the Client Says “You Mean that’s a Protectable Intellectual Property Asset?”

International Law Section - IL

Program 5

Basics of Global Trade Compliance for the Defense/ Aerospace Client

Program 16

Laws Concerning International Music and Games, Digital Licensing and Distribution Contracts

Program 27

Update on International Treaties on Discrimination Against Women and Civil & Political Rights Laws in California

Program 37

Ethics and the Globalization of California Legal Practice

Program 73

Cross-Border Litigation and Arbitration Developments and Strategies

Program 140

Employment and Immigration Compliance Issues for International Corporations in the United States

Labor and Employment Law Section - LL

Program 6

Proposed Amendments to the California Family Rights Act Regulations

Program 18

Ethical Minefields and eDiscovery: A Perfect Match

Program 50

Workplace Investigations: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Program 62

Attacking and Supporting the Workplace Investigation During Litigation

Program 83

Recognizing and Eliminating Unconscious Biases in Employment Law

Program 107

A Year in Review: Best and Worst Employment Law Cases

Law Practice Management & Technology - LPMT

Program 7

Ethics and Settlement: Successful Negotiations and Mediation in Your Practice

Program 63

The National Security Agency and Attorney Confidentiality: How to Protect Your Clients

Program 84

Evolving Your Solo Law Practice: Daring to Become a Firm

Lawyer Assistance Program - LAP

Program 29

Staying Healthy and Mentally Competent Throughout a Long Legal Career

Program 75

Staying Healthy and Mentally Competent Throughout a Long Legal Career

Program 82

Staying Healthy and Mentally Competent Throughout a Long Career

Program 123

Staying Healthy and Mentally Competent Throughout a Long Legal Career

Lawyering Skills Program - LSP

Program 8

When Judges Cross the Line

Program 30

Rough Waters: Litigating Recreational Boating Cases in State and Federal Court

Program 39

The Hidden Pitfalls of Unauthorized Practice of Law

Program 76

Really Interesting Legal Ethics Stuff

Program 93

Expert Witness Cross-Examination Workshop

Program 94

The Legal Issues Concerning Neighbor Disputes: Access and Trees

Program 116

Mastering the Art of Trial Presentation: Insight From the Counsel Table and the Bench

Program 125

Economics Damages in Business Litigation

Legal Services Trust Fund Program - LSFT

Program 9

Understanding Attorney Client Trust Accounts

Litigation Section - LIT

Program 17

Getting the Edge in Arbitration: Fees and 998 Offers

Program 38

Coaching for the New Practitioner

Program 106

Insurance Law for Litigators

Program 124

A Beginner’s Guide to Civil Writ Practice in the Courts of Appeal

Program 133

Summary Judgment: Recent Developments and the View from the Beach

Program 134

Elements of Brief Writing: Strategies and Tactics

Program 141

New Ethics Standards for Neutral Arbitrators

Office of the Chief Trial Counsel - OCTC

Program 40

State Bar Discipline and Ethical Practice of Law

Public Law Section - PL

Program 10

The Present State of the Law and the Future of Affirmation Action

Program 85

The Case Against the Supreme Court

Program 86

Leading by Example: Ethical Issues for Public Agency Attorneys

Program 95

California’s Brown Act: An Overview of the Open Meeting Law

Program 96

Regulatory Takings: The Effects of Recent Supreme Court Decisions

Program 126

Walking Through the Minefield of Non-Commercial Sign Regulation

Real Property Law Section - RP

Program 41

Wrongful Eviction Revisited

Program 51

Current Legal Issues Affecting the Telecommunications Industry

Program 77

What’s Hot in California Environmental Quality Act

Program 87

Latest Legal Trends in In-Fill Development

Program 108

Pitfalls of the Rogue Fraudulent Real Estate Agent and Errors and Omissions Insurance

Solo and Small Firm Section - SOLO

Program 11

Explaining Punitive Damages to Your Client

Program 19

The Ethics of Unbundling Your Legal Services

Program 31

Leveraging Technology to Win the Discovery Game

Program 42

Introducing Evidence in Litigation

Program 52

Best Practice Concerning Data Collection and Production of Evidence

Program 88

Pros and Cons of Limited Scope Representation in Family Law

Program 97

Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession

Program 117

BITCOIN: Legal Fee or Foe?

Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services - SCDLS

Program 19

The Ethics of Unbundling Your Legal Services

Program 42

Introducing Evidence in Litigation

State Bar Court - SBC

Program 64

The Dark Side: Why Lawyers Do Bad Things

Taxation Section - TAX

Program 20

Protecting Your Client from Tax Penalties

Program 53

Identity Theft and Your Tax Return

Program 78

Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples: Changes following U.S. vs. Windsor

Program 118

Nuts and Bolts of Property Tax Appeals

Program 127

Tax Impact of Choice and Formation of Business Entity

Program 135

Taxation: Innocent Spouse and Equitable Relief

Program 142

Does the Franchise Tax Board View Your Client as a California Resident?

Trusts and Estates Section - TE

Program 21

Medi-Cal Long Term Planning Strategies Under The Deficit Reduction Act

Program 65

Probate: When You’re Dead, Who Cares

Program 68

Probate Law Appeals: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Program 69

Mom Always Liked You Best: Mediating Trust and Estate Issues

Program 98

Protecting Seniors from Abusive Marriages

Program 109

Conduct a Better Deposition in Trusts and Estates Litigation

Program 119

Recent Developments: California Court Decisions Affecting Trusts & Estates

Program 143

Disposition of Digital Assets and Challenges of Finding Digital Assets Upon Death of Owner

Workers’ Compensation Section - WCS

Program 43

Workers’ Compensation and Immigration Cross-Over: Issues and Solutions

Program 54

Labor & Employment and Workers’ Compensation Cross-Over Issues

Program 66

Federal Law and Workers’ Compensation Cross-Over: Medicare, Social Security and the Affordable Care Act