2014 Board of Trustees Election

Candidate for District 4

Babak Samini

City: Costa Mesa

Babak Samini Admitted to practice law in California: March 18,1996
Public disciplinary history: None
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Candidate Statement

I have been a member of the State Bar of California since 1996. I am the co-founder and president of Samini Scheinberg PC. In my 17 years of practice, I have represented corporate clients as well as individuals in business, real estate, and insolvency matters. In the course of my practice, I have worked with many smaller firms (similar to my own firm) as well as large national and regional firms.  In that regard, I believe I have a unique understanding of the various challenges that impact the members in our district.

Like those who have represented District 4 in the past, I believe the State Bar’s emphasis on protection of the public and access to justice are well placed.  The State Bar also serves an important role as and advocate for its members and in assisting the legal profession adapt to the dynamic environment in which we practice. Over the last five years we have experienced changes in the economy, technology and the level of professionalism within our practices.  While many of these changes are welcome, they have also increased the burden on attorneys and changed the manner in which we interact with our clients and each other.

As a result of these changes and the digitalization of our practices, we have all witnessed our practices move to a much faster and digital pace.  While this has no doubt impacted how we mechanically manage our practices, it has in many ways eroded the professionalism routinely extended by practitioners to each other when I started my career 17 years ago.

Although the bar has made efforts in this regard, greater focus must be placed on these issues and the bar should develop into a true resource for all members.

In addition to the many important functions of the State Bar, one of those functions should be as an advocate for the members, the practice of law and the continued effort to promote professionalism between our members.

In asking for your vote, I understand that my responsibility is to the members of District 4 and to ensure your voices are heard.  Given the opportunity, I would consider it a privilege to serve the members of District 4.

Babak Samini
Samini Scheinberg PC
949 S Coast Dr Ste 420
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
E-mail: bsamini@saminilaw.com

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