2014 Board of Trustees Election

Candidate for District 2

Danette Elizabeth Meyers

City: Los Angeles

Danette MeyersCity: Los Angeles
Admitted to practice law in California: Dec. 10, 1985
Public disciplinary history: None
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Candidate Statement

During my 30-year legal career, I have been committed to public service, equal access to justice and promoting diversity in the legal profession. I was a member of the Los Angeles County Bar’s Delegation to the Conference of Delegates for more than 20 years. I also served as the delegation chair and was subsequently elected to the executive committee of the conference. In 2000, I was elected chair of the Los Angeles County Bar’s Criminal Justice Section, and presently I am a member of the Los Angeles County Bar’s Judicial Evaluations Committee and the State Appellate Judicial Evaluations Committee. I was chair of the county bar’s 2007-2008 Diversity Conference.

In 2001, I was a member of the county bar’s Board of Trustees and thereafter served as assistant vice president, vice president, senior vice president and president-elect. In 2008 I served as president of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. I was a former member of the Webster Commission and the board of directors for the Association of Deputy District Attorneys. I am a 28-year veteran prosecutor and presently serve on the board of directors of the Aviva Foundation.

I have worked on the following State Bar committees: the complaints, audit and grievance Committee and the State Bar of California resolutions committee.

My candidacy will be focused on promoting civility in the legal profession, developing policies that will increase court funding, enhancing equal access to justice, increasing diversity within the profession and continued improvement of the disciplinary system.

Danette Elizabeth Meyers
Office of the District Attorney
210 W. Temple St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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