Los Angeles

Questions about the employment opportunities posted here may be e-mailed to hrla@calbar.ca.gov, or hrsf@calbar.ca.gov. Employees of The State Bar of California receive a range of competitive benefits.

Current Openings

Reference No. Job Title Department
1618 Admissions Eligibility Analyst II Admissions
N/A Contract Attorney Chief Trial Counsel/Enforcement 
N/A Exam Proctors Admissions
2268     Investigator II General Counsel/UPL
2215 Investigator Supervisor Chier Trial Counsel/Enforcement
2270 Investigator Supervisor General Counsel/UPL
2269     Legal Secretary General Counsel/UPL
2292 Senior Administrative Supervisor Chief Trial Counsel/Central Administration
2277 Special Assistant General Counsel/UPL
2265 Senior Attorney General Counsel/UPL
2299 Web Administrator (Los Angeles or San Francisco) Communications