MEDIA CONTACT:  Diane Curtis   415-538-2028    diane.curtis@calbar.ca.gov

San Francisco, August 21, 2009 — The public is invited to speak at a September 12 hearing of the State Bar's Rules Revision Commission at the State Bar Annual Meeting in San Diego.

The hearing will deal with proposed changes to the California Rules of Professional Conduct, which govern all lawyers in the state. It will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Gibbons Room of the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego at One Market Place.

Those interested in speaking at the hearing can find more information on the bar's Web site at www.calbar.ca.gov/ethics. (Go to Commission for the Revision of the Rules of Professional Conduct.) Or, contact Audrey Hollins, audrey.hollins@calbar.ca.gov or 415-538-2167. Anyone who would like to testify or present written materials is requested to register by Friday, September 4.

The commission is currently focusing on eight proposed new or amended rules. The proposed changes deal with third party payers, aggregate settlements, handling client funds and property, candor to the tribunal, trial publicity, lawyers as witnesses, membership in legal services organizations and law reform activities affecting client interests.

Public comment on the proposals ends October 23. The proposed rules and public comment instructions can be found at the bar's Web site at www.calbar.ca.gov (scroll down on the righthand side of the page to "Public Comment").

Founded in 1927 by the state legislature, the State Bar of California is an administrative arm of the California Supreme Court, serving the public and seeking to improve the justice system for more than 80 years. All lawyers practicing law in California must be members of the State Bar. In August 2009, State Bar membership reached more than 223,000.