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Proposed Revisions to State Bar Rules Title 6, Division 2, Chapters 1 and 2 regarding State Bar Open Meeting Rules


The State Bar has been subject to open meeting requirements since 1975 when Business and Professions Code section 6026.5 was enacted. Section 6026.5 requires full meetings of the State Bar Board of Governors (“Board”) to be open and contains a list of specified situations in which closed sessions are allowed. In 1985, the Board adopted rules which extended open meeting requirements to its board committees. Between 1989 and 1990, the Board adopted additional rules which extended open meeting requirements to regulatory and special committees appointed by the Board. All of the open meeting rules applicable to the Board, board committees and board-appointed bodies now appear in State Bar Rules 6.50-6.54 (“open meeting rules”).


To apply some open meeting requirements of the Bagley Keene Open Meeting Act (Cal. Gov. Code § 11120 et seq.) to the Board and board committees by revising the State Bar’s open meeting rules. The proposed additional open meeting requirements would include:

  • Expand definition of a board committee subject to open meeting requirements to include advisory committees, commissions or subcommittees consisting of three or more board members.
  • Require 10 days notice for meetings instead of 5.
  • Limit circumstances under which items can be added to an agenda after the 10 day notice period.
  • Allow special or emergency meetings of the Board or board committees to be called in only limited circumstances.
  • Allow members of the public to call in to teleconference meetings of the Board and board committees.
  • Allow members of the public to directly address the Board or committee regarding any agenda item.

Minimal cost associated with public call in to teleconferences


Board Committee on Stakeholder Relations May 12, 2011 Agenda Item III.B.

DEADLINE:       July 1, 2011

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