Lawyer Assistance Program Services

What kind of services does the LAP offer?

Orientation and assessment

The LAP and the California Young Lawyers Association have joined forces to create the Early Career Support project to assist recent members who have yet to find a rewarding and fulfilling legal career.

As a member of the State Bar, you can receive a free professional mental health assessment and an opportunity to participate in the LAP without making a longer-term commitment.

When you call, you will speak to someone who can discuss your problem and find out what services you need. If you need to speak with a counselor, you will be referred to one right away. Remember, all communications are strictly confidential.

Monitored LAP

Monitored LAP is for attorneys who want to satisfy a specific monitoring or verification requirement imposed by an employer, the Office of the Chief Trial Counsel, State Bar Court, Committee of Bar Examiners or another entity.

The program offers long-term structure and the support of a professional case manager. Attorneys may refer themselves to this program or may be referred as the result of an investigation or disciplinary proceeding. It is also available to attorneys seeking help independently who want the additional structure and support that this part of the program provides. There is a fee for group participation and lab testing, if required.

Support LAP

Support LAP program is for attorneys who are interested in participating in a weekly group meeting with other lawyers and would like the support of a qualified mental health professional. It was designed for attorneys who do not require monitoring or verification of participation. There is a fee for group participation.

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