Membership List Opt Out Preferences

Attorneys who wish to remove their name from lists the State Bar provides to qualified outside entities may do so by logging on to Member Login on the home page of the State Bar's website. After registering with My State Bar Profile, go to "Change my address, phone numbers, and opt-out preference," then "Opt out preference."

As an alternative, members may e-mail their opt out request to (include your bar number), or request a form by calling the Member Services Center, 888-800-3400 or 415-538-2225.

Members who choose to opt out will not receive mailings about State Bar-sponsored member benefits such as attorney insurance program offerings, MCLE provider programs and a variety of professional discounts. Please see the membership list policy below for a complete list.

The State Bar's membership list policy permits member names to be provided (at cost) to a restricted list of outside entities that meet certain criteria. The names are provided for a one-time use to, among others, MCLE providers, the California Bar Foundation, local bars and bar-approved insurance providers.