Pamphlets and LEGAL GUIDES

The State Bar offers free, easy-to-read consumer guides on a variety of subjects, including information for seniors and parents of young children and teens. Some titles are available in other languages.

Starting Jan. 1, 2017 all materials will be available online only. We will not be printing or shipping materials due to budget considerations. You may view and print the materials from our website. Print-ready PDFs are posted on each guide or pamphlet web page.

Legal advice for any stage in life

Kids & Law - An A-Z Guide for ParentsKids & the Law : An A-to-Z Guide for Parents
Addresses a host of issues of interest to parents and kids, from curfews to safety on the Internet.
Seniors & the Law: A Guide for Maturing CaliforniansSeniors & the Law: A Guide for Maturing Californians
Aging presents its own legal challenges. We offer tips for seniors grappling with health issues, retirement and more.
When You Become 18When You Turn 18: A Survival Guide for Teenagers 
Learn about the responsibilities teenagers face when they become adults.

Tips to get the best legal advice

Finding the Right Lawyer
Finding the Right Lawyer
Locating an attorney can be a difficult task, especially if you don't know any or have never needed one. We offer tips on hiring a lawyer, where to go to find one, what should be in your fee agreement, finding the best match for your needs and more.
Lawyer Referral Service pamphlet
A Lawyer Referral Service Can Help You
If you're looking for a lawyer, a legal referral service could be your best bet. Find out what a lawyer referral service is and what it can do for you.
Fee Dispute with Lawyer pamphlet
Having a Fee Dispute With Your Lawyer

What happens when you feel overcharged by an attorney? You don't have to go to court. The State Bar can help resolve a fee dispute with arbitration. Here's how to get help with your legal bills.
Problem with lawyer pamphlet
Having a Problem With Your Lawyer?

Having a good relationship with your attorney is important. But what happens if it turns sour? Where do you turn for help? We offer tips on what to expect from your lawyer and what you can do if there's a problem.
Client Security Fund pamphlet
The Client Security Fund Can Help You

What happens if you lose money to a dishonest attorney? We offer tips on applying for reimbursement when you lose money because of a lawyer's dishonesty.
Will pamphlet
Do I Need a Will?

What is involved in creating a will? Who has to sign it? Answers to these and other questions are offered in this pamphlet about how to create a will.
Estate Planning pamphlet
Do I Need Estate Planning?
Worried about what will happen to your money and home when you pass away? Find out what's involved in estate planning and how to find help.
Living Trust pamphlet
Do I Need A Living Trust?
A living trust can help you plan your estate, but how does it work? We offer tips on how to create a trust and what it should include.
Brochure about Notarios Tenga Precaución con los Notarios If you want advice about immigration, take care when dealing with immigration consultants who call themselves notarios. (Spanish language)