State Bar Policy on Web Links

State Bar Of California  Web Linking Policy

Outgoing Web Linking Policy
Incoming Web Linking Policy

Outgoing Web Linking Policy

Links are permitted to websites which provide information that furthers the State Bar’s goals and missions, including the regulation of the legal profession and the improvement of the quality and availability of legal services.

Links are allowed to the State Bar Foundation, courts, governments, other state bars, voluntary bar associations, law schools and libraries.

Links are allowed to corporate partners, sponsors or donors of the State Bar Foundation may be placed on the State Bar website in a manner and location that identifies the membership benefit as being provided by, or in association with, the Foundation.

Links are allowed to web pages of the Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) that further the joint agreement of the State Bar and the University of California.

Links are allowed to persons or entities are available to persons or entities that have purchased advertisements in the California Bar Journal, if that publication elects to sell advertisements and also elects to display said advertisements within pages of the State Bar’s website.  Links for which an ad has been purchased shall be placed within the online edition of the California Bar Journal and shall remain active only until the next issue of said publication is published.  

Outgoing links to third-party sites shall be text only and shall not be presented in a manner that endorses a product, service, cause or position, nor gives the appearance of endorsing a product, service, cause or position.

Links shall be presented in a location and manner that avoids the appearance of a partnership or joint venture with the State Bar of California or any portion thereof, or otherwise represents a guarantee, warranty, endorsement or affirmative representation by the State Bar of California or any portion thereof as to the quality, suitability or fitness for purpose of goods or services of any individual or entity.

The State Bar of California reserves the right to terminate all outgoing links from its website to third-party sites.

Any and all owners and representatives of websites who obtain outgoing links from the State Bar website by purchasing an advertisement from the California Bar Journal must agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the State Bar of California should any person or entity name the State Bar of California as a defendant or respondent in any lawsuit or claim of any kind that is in any way connected to, or alleged by a plaintiff or claimant as related to, an outgoing link on the State Bar’s website.

The State Bar may terminate an outgoing link or reject a request for an outgoing link for reasons which shall include the following:
  • Failure to meet any of the criteria set forth in this policy
  • Failure to pay monies due and owing to the State Bar of California or any portion thereof
  • The link is broken or remains unavailable for more than five (5) days
  • Failure to abide by the specifications for advertisements set by the California Bar Journal
  • Inefficient use of or lack of State Bar resources
  • If the State Bar elects to terminate a category or page of outgoing links on the State Bar’s website, or of all outgoing links on the website
  • Incongruity with the purpose of the State Bar website or the mission and goals of the State Bar
  • Misuse of the State Bar website or its content
  • The link is to a website that advocates or engages in activities in violation of any state or federal law, or advocates or engages in violations of the California Rules of Professional Conduct or the Rules and Regulations of the State Bar of California
  • A link is to a website that supports or opposes a candidate for elective office or ballot proposition

Incoming Web Linking Policy

Any website may link to the State Bar of California website so long as that website conforms and complies with the following guidelines and all applicable laws. All links must expressly state that they access content copyrighted by the State Bar of California. Example:

For more information, see these legal pamphlets produced by the State Bar of California.
(Copyright © The State Bar of California 1995-2013)

A  website that links to the State Bar's site must comply with all of the following:

  • May not replicate the State Bar's content
  • May not create a browser or border environment around the State Bar’s content
  • May not imply that the State Bar is endorsing it or its products
  • May not misrepresent its relationship with the State Bar, its members, officers or directors
  • May not present false information about the State Bar, its services or activities
  • May not use State Bar logos, screen shots, banners or any State Bar marks displayed on this site without permission from the State Bar
  • May not be a website that infringes any intellectual property or other right of any entity or person, including, but not limited to violating anyone's copyrights or trademarks, violating any law or advocating illegal activity
  • May not be a website that contains content that could be construed as distasteful, offensive or controversial. It should contain only content that is appropriate for all age groups.

The State Bar expressly reserves the right to request that any link to the State Bar's site be removed and to undertake whatever other action it deems appropriate.

Updated Feb. 5, 2013