Benjamin Aranda Award

Alexander - Photo by S. Todd Rogers

2014 Recipient: Commissioner Sue Alexander

Sue Alexander is the first commissioner to receive the Aranda Award.

Her many years of work to improve access to the courts covered a broad range of activities including the groundbreaking creation and implementation of new methods that transformed the way child support cases are handled in California.

About the Aranda Access to Justice Award

Presented for the first time in 1999, the Aranda Award honors a judge who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to improving access to our courts, and who has significantly improved access for low- and moderate-income Californians. The Judicial Council, the State Bar, and the California Judges Association, in association with the California Commission on Access to Justice, co-sponsor the award. The Aranda Award is named in honor of the late Judge Benjamin Aranda III, who was known for his tireless efforts to promote fairness and access in the courts.


Nominations for the Aranda Award are now open. The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, March 31, 2015. 

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Contact Frank Monti for more information.

Past Aranda Access to Justice Award Recipients

Year Recipients
2014 Hon. Hon. Sue Alexander
2013 Hon. James R. Lambden
2012 Hon. Juan Ulloa
2011 Hon. Maria Rivera
2011 William C. Vickrey
2010 Hon. Laurie Zelon
2009 Hon. Gordon Baranco
2008 Hon. Francisco F. Firmat
2007 Hon. Kathleen O'Leary
2006 Hon. Donna M. Petre
2005 Hon. Aviva K. Bobb
2004 Hon. Earl Johnson, Jr.
2003 Hon. Kenneth M. Kawaichi
2002 Hon. Donna J. Hitchens
2001 Hon. Charles W. Campbell, Jr.
2000 Hon. Veronica S. McBeth
1999 Hon. Judith McConnell