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Most people encounter a difficulty at least once in their lives. The State Bar's Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) is here to help. We help lawyers and State Bar applicants who are grappling with stress, anxiety, depression, substance use or concerns about their career.

We strive to support legal professionals in achieving their optimum level of practice, while enhancing public protection and helping to maintain the integrity of the profession.

We know that it is often difficult to reach out for help during difficult times, especially if it’s about a private matter. Rest assured. We promise confidentiality – we release no information about your participation in the program without your knowledge or consent. Participation is confidential as mandated by Business and Professions Code §6234.

Our counselors can offer a free assessment of your situation and help you get the help you need, whether it’s for a mental health issue, substance abuse or a medical condition. (There are some fees if you join a group or need additional services.)

If you represent an organization or agency, the LAP also offers free MCLE presentations covering substance abuse, depression, stress and the services of the LAP to local, statewide and specialty bar associations as well as to law firms that are interested in helping their members.

Want to know more? Contact the LAP by calling 877-LAP-4HELP (877-527-4435) or sending an email to

For additional information about any of our services, please call 877-LAP-4 HELP (877-527-4435) or e-mail

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