Members of the State Bar are eligible for participation in a program which provides assistance to attorneys dealing with problems affecting both their personal and professional lives.


Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) — The LAP provides confidential rehabilitation support for attorneys dealing with substance abuse or mental illness. Professional and peer assistance is also available to attorneys suffering from stress, burnout, depression or chemical dependency. 877-LAP 4 HELP (877-527-4435) 


Our new video series features participants in the Lawyer Assistance Program as well as State Bar officials, counselors and medical specialists who run it. Watch the first part of a new State Bar video series.(5:07 minutes)

Want to know more? Watch part two of "The Lawyer Assistance Program Experience." (Written transcripts of Part 1 and Part 2 are also available for the hearing-impaired.)

Self-Assessment Tests

Have you ever been depressed, anxious, or concerned about your use of alcohol or drugs? If so, we encourage you to complete one or more of the self-assessment tests listed below.

While these tests cannot substitute for a professional evaluation, the results can help determine if you should contact the Lawyer Assistance Program for a thorough professional assessment.

LAP News to Use



LAP Oversight Committee

Self-Study MCLE

Receive a free self-study package approved for one hour of MCLE credit in the prevention of substance abuse.

Send an e-mail to


The Other Bar
A confidential counseling and referral resource for California Lawyers, judges, law students and their families for help with alcoholism, drug abuse and related personal problems.

Lawyer's LifeRing
LifeRing is a program of peer support groups for members of the legal community contemplating the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, free of drugs and alcohol.

Getting through tough economic times
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers a guide that provides practical advice on how to deal with the effects of financial difficulties on your physical and mental health. It covers areas such as: possible health risks, warning signs, managing stress, getting help and other steps.