California Attorney Mandatory Reporting Requirements

All members of the State Bar of California are subject to mandatory registration and reporting requirements that are specified primarily, but not exclusively, in the State Bar Act. Below is a list of those requirements:



Membership Updates

Current contact information

Attorneys are required to report a current address, phone number and e-mail. Any changes to contact information must be reported within 30 days.

Business & Professions Code Section 6002.1(a) (b)

California Rule of Court 9.7

Annual membership fees

State Bar annual membership fees must be paid by February 1 and penalties will be imposed for non-payment of fees.

Business & Professions Code Chapter 4, Article 8

MCLE compliance

California attorneys must report compliance with the requirement to attend 25 hours of continuing legal education every three years.

Business & Professions Code Section 6070
California Rule of Court 9.31 (c)

Additional jurisdictions

Attorneys are required to notify the State Bar if they are admitted to practice law or have been disciplined in another jurisdiction, or by any licensing agency.

Business & Professions Code Sections 6002.1(a), 6068 (o) 

Member Conduct

Entry of judgment in a civil action for professional misconduct

Attorneys must self-report an entry of judgment in a civil action for fraud, misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty or gross negligence committed in a professional capacity.

Business & Professions Code Section 6068(o),

Imposition of judicial sanctions

Attorneys are required to self-report the imposition of judicial sanctions ($1,000 or more).

Business & Professions Code Section 6068(o)

Felony indictment, felony or misdemeanor conviction

Attorneys are required to self-report felony charges by indictment or information, as well as all felony convictions and certain misdemeanor convictions as specified in the statute.

Business & Professions Code Section 6068(o)

Reversal of judgment in a proceeding for professional misconduct

Attorneys are required to self-report the reversal of a judgment based on misconduct, gross incompetence or willful misrepresentation.

Business & Professions Code Section 6068(o)

Filing of three or more lawsuits for malpractice in 12 months

An attorney must notify the State Bar if three or more lawsuits dealing with malpractice issues are filed against him or her in a 12-month period.

Business & Professions Code Section 6068(o)

Employment and termination of an attorney who is not eligible to practice

When employing a disbarred, suspended or involuntarily enrolled inactive lawyer, an attorney must comply with restrictions and inform the State Bar and clients.

Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1-311

Other Forms

Visit Attorney Forms for a list of additional forms related to State Bar membership and the practice of law.

For questions, contact the Member Services Center, 888-800-3400.